South Dakota AD talks football conferences

Jeremy Hoeck of the Yankton Press and Dakotan posted this interview to his twitter account this afternoon. If you’re too lazy to watch the short clip, I’ll pull out the highlights

  • USD AD David Sayler, newly appointed, talked to Summit commissioner Tom Douple this morning.
  • “I’m very committed to the Summit League in terms of what they’re trying to do with the Missouri Valley in some semblance of a conference that splits into two divisions or whatever it might be,” Sayler said. “The Summit has moved up its site visit to North Dakota by a couple of weeks. It’s earlier than planned  and some of that is to get North Dakota into the league in order to have serious discussions with the Valley. Right now, there’s not a third team to approach the Valley with and hopefully North Dakota will be that team and Southern Utah will stay and that will be the group we move forward with.”
  • Sayler said he and Faison had breakfast together in Yankton before the UND and USD football game. The two talked about staying committed to each other.
  • Sayler also essentially says he’s trying to sort the truth from the bull when it comes to conferences. “No one’s really telling the truth totally,” he said. “There are lots of agendas out there.”
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4 Responses to South Dakota AD talks football conferences

  1. FSSD says:

    I thought the comment about UND/USD being together was interesting because as of right now USD is in the Summit and UND is not. Hmmmm… now the Summit needs UND.. really!!?! did seem like it a year ago..

  2. Jack says:

    There isnt much interest in a “third” team to approach the Valley. If the BSC passes on UND the interest still wont be there. Besides its almost a certainty that SUU or UND or both will get invited to the BSC if the WAC comes calling for Montana. Either one going to the BSC kills Summit Football. There isnt going to be any 2 division MVFC.

  3. Jack says:

    Congratulations! This might be the best transition season so far! There have been some great highlights since NDSUs D1 success forced the UND move, Sioux Falls University comes to mind, but the overall futility of this season gives it a character all its own. What Fun!!! Can hardly wait for basketball!!

  4. Kevin says:

    Jack: How many D1 Championship banners hang in the BSA?

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